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Core Exchange Program for the Metal Shredding Industry

Core Exchange

Over the past 40 years Standard Miether has served the metal shredding industry with a wide variety of engineered and standard designs for use in feed conveyors, exit conveyors, and main rotor shafts. In the event of a catastrophic main rotor housing failure, expedient delivery of replacement housings to meet production demands is critical. Standard Miether’s Core Exchange Program makes it possible for metal shredding companies to hold fewer items in stock, since immediate delivery of selected sizes is just a phone call away.  Before you decide to purchase backup maintenance stock for unforeseen catastrophic failures, contact Standard Miether.

Standard Miether’s Core Exchange Program is the ideal solution for the metal shredding industry.



  • Reduce downtime with immediate delivery from Miether inventory.

SAVE MONEY.bearing housing, core exchange program, split cap housing, solid pillow block, flange cartridge block, bearing seals, bearing accessories

  • Receive up to a $2,500 credit on a 14” housing (23176K bearing) and up to a $1,000 credit on a 10” housing (23256K bearing)


  • Warranty on Core Exchange is same as new – one year from purchase.


  • Further enhance your company’s environmental practices by exchanging your recyclable housing for a certified remanufactured housing



How the program works:

  1. Contact your authorized representative or Standard Miether customer service (800-783-6887) with current product part number and manufacturer information.
    • Shaft sizes for 10” (23256K bearing) and 14” (23176K bearing) main rotor housings are eligible.
    • Validate size and dimensions per drawing specification. Bearing housing, core exchange, split cap housing, solid pillow block, flange cartrdige, bearing seals, bearing accessories
  2. Place order with your authorized representative. Receive same day shipment of certified remanufactured housing on orders placed before 12pm central time.
  3. Ship your current product to Standard Miether for inspection. We’ll determine your core credit amount based on two levels of product condition:
    • Usable: Returned core is repairable, and the maximum credit amount will be applied to your Core Exchange order.
    • Unusable: Returned core cannot be repaired due to extensive wear and damage, and the minimum credit will be applied to your Core Exchange order.
  4. Receive core credit from your authorized representative within 4 weeks of inspection.


Standard Miether’s Core Exchange program is good for the environment AND your bottom line.


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Save the Bearing. Start with the Housing.