Steel Production

bearing housings, split cap housings, solid pillow block housings, flange cartridge housings, bearing seals, bearing accessories

Bearing Housings for the Steel Production Industry

Durability, Cost-Savings, and Experience

Standard Miether has been serving the metal production industry for over 50 years. Our products are designed with unique reinforcement features and strength-weight ratios that improve bearing performance while reducing costly downtime situations. Our 50-year track record with metal production customers of all types means that we have the technical expertise to develop solutions for the most demanding field applications.

  bearing housings, split cap housings, solid pillow block housings, flange cartridge housings, bearing seals, bearing accessories


  bearing housings, split cap housings, solid pillow block housings, flange cartridge housings, bearing seals, bearing accessories
  Housing in Steel Production Environment

Extreme Operating Conditions

Metal producers need bearing housings and bearing accessories tough enough to withstand the most extreme operating conditions. Equipment used to produce primary metals is exposed to excessive shock loads, high torque and rotational speeds, and temperature and humidity deviations that result in harmful corrosion.

You'll find Standard Miether bearing housings, seals, and accessories at work in a variety of steel manufacturing processes, including iron conversion, steel conversion, casting, primary rolling, and finish rolling. Miether's custom bearing housing designs, sealing configurations, and assemblies help the metal production industry:


  • Material weight/mass content allows for extended life cycles
  • SAF series "Flat Top" design with screwdriver pry slots to assist with cap removal
  • Compact design to accommodate reduced footprint dimensions
  • Sealing technologies that retain lubricant internal to the bearing assembly and exclude foreign debris from entering the housing
  • Programs, such as Core Exchange and Optima™ that help save time and money with discount credits on housings and accelerated delivery on selected products.


  • Special "safety colors" available to identify rotational moving equipment
  • Sealing technology to manage excessive lubricant on adjacent working surfaces
  bearing seals, taconite seals, protector seals, bearing housings

Protector™ Seal Design


  • Advanced sealing technology keeps contaminants from prematurely damaging bearing assemblies and shafts while reducing lubricant usage
  • Compatible industry interchangeability standards using a common nomenclature for mounting and shaft center heights
  • Designs to minimize radial and shock loading situations


  • Miether's Repair Program
    • Significant cost reduction
    • Extends bearing housing life
    • Reduced lead times vs. new
    • Ability to make changes/upgrades to enhance life cycle

Extreme Applications Require Extreme Solutions.


Iron Conversion (Pig Iron):
When limestone, coking coal, and iron ore are introduced to the blast furnace, Standard Miether bearing housings, seals, and accessories can withstand these difficult operating conditions.

Steel Conversion:
Pig iron, and in some cases recycled ferrous metal, along with oxygen, are introduced to the basic oxygen furnace (BOF) or electric arc furnace. Because these converters are exposed to heat, severe loading, vibration and shock conditions, Standard Miether products are a natural choice.

Continuous Casting:
You'll also find Standard Miether bearing housings and other products hard at work during the continuous casting process, where molten steel is solidified into a billet, bloom, or slab. Miether understands that maintaining dependable uptime is critical to the success of this extreme process, and has the products that deliver.

Reheating and Rolling:
The process of reheating and hot rolling slabs, billets, and blooms exposes critical elements to extreme heat conditions and a variety of contaminate. Standard Miether products are ideal for oven door and exit conveyor equipment applications.

Contaminates are also a major concern during the galvanization process, where Standard Miether bearing housings, seals, and accessories are used to protect roll supports.


  • Heavy duty SAF, SAFS, SDAF and SDAFS housings, as well as solid MMW™ housings with sizes ranging from 3" to 20+" shaft diameters are able to withstand loading, vibration and shock conditions, protect bearings, and maximize uptime.
  • Seal designs for extended life cycles, including traditional labyrinth (LER), O-ring contact (LER-O-ring), V-ring, double lip, triple lip, traditional taconite, special taconite triple seal designs, and Miether's patent pending Protector® seals.
  • Adapter assemblies that simplify installation. Adapter assemblies are available in fractional and metric sizes, as well as in mechanical and hydraulic fitted designs.

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