Recycling & Shredding

Bearing Housings for the Recycling/Shredding Industry


Standard Miether has been serving the Recycling industry for over 50 years with reliable, durable, high quality products.  Our custom shredder housing designs, sealing configurations, and assemblies provide fundamental solutions in an effort to improve your productivity, reduce down time, maintain the highest degree of safety, lower costs and protect the environment. Miether’s  Core Exchange program, which was developed with recycling/shredding customers in mind,  can further enhance your productivity and continue environmental sustainability.

  bearing housings, split cap housings, solid pillow blocks, flange cartridge blocks, bearing seals, bearing accessories


  bearing housings, flange cartridge blocks, solid pillow blocks

The Toughest Operating Conditions

Shredding operations require bearing housings and bearing accessories tough enough to withstand the most punishing operating conditions. These systems are subject to severe dust and contamination, high shock load conditions, varying rotational speeds, elevated internal rotor working temperatures, and exposure to an assortment of external climate conditions. Our products will help:


  • Material weight/mass content allows for extended life cycles
  • Reinforced center rib design helps withstand shock loading conditions
  • Compact configurations to accommodate reduced footprint dimensions
  • Sealing technologies that retain lubricant internal to the bearing assembly and exclude foreign debris from entering the housing
  • Programs such as Core Exchange and Optima™ save time and money with discount credits and accelerated delivery


  • Special safety colors available to identify rotational moving equipment
  • Sealing arrangements manage excessive lubricant on adjacent working surfaces


  • Optimized sealing technology keeps contaminants from prematurely damaging bearing assemblies and shafts while reducing  lubricant usage
  • Compatible industry interchangeability standards using a common nomenclature for mounting and shaft center heights
  • Designs to minimize radial and shock loading situations
  • Shroud covers and related accessories to improve bearing life cycle




  • Repair program
    • Significant cost reduction
    • Extends bearing housing life
    • Reduced lead times vs. new
    • Ability to make changes/upgrades to enhance life cycle
  • Core Exchange program ( on select units)
    • Exchange your housing for a certified remanufactured unit
    • Reduced lead times vs. new
    • Receive core credit for your worn housing


Extreme Applications Require Extreme Solutions.

Shredders:bearing housings, split cap housings, flange cartridge blocks, solid pillow blocks

As Shredders reduce the size of the inbound product to less than 100mm they are subject to severe contamination and high shock load conditions. Miether understands these conditions and realizes that maintaining production uptime is critical and has the products to deliver.

Inbound feed roll conveyor:

Miether products are also at work on the inbound feed roll assemblies that are used in the product reduction process and “feed” the shredder.

Exit Conveyor:

As the recently reduced material moves away from the shredder to downstream processes Standard Miether products are a perfect choice.


  • Heavy duty solid steel MMW™ pillow blocks sizes ranging from  3”  to  20”
  • Rugged  heavy duty SAFS pillow blocks with sizes ranging from 3” to 20+” shaft diameters as well as cast steel FCS piloted flanged housings ranging from 3” to 12”
  • Seal designs for extended life cycles. Traditional labyrinth (LER), O-ring contact (LER-O-ring), split labyrinth (Split-LER), V-ring, double lip, triple lip, traditional taconite, special taconite triple seal designs, and Protector® seals
  • Adapter assemblies and removal sleeves are available in inch and metric sizes, and are offered with hydraulic removal capabilities



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