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Standard Miether has been serving this industry for decades. Our products are designed with performance and reliability features that enhance bearing performance while reducing downtime and costly maintenance concerns. We have the technical expertise to develop valuable solutions to the meet the most aggressive applications.

  bearing housings, split cap housings, flange cartridge blocks, solid pillow blocks


  bearing housings, split cap housings, flanged cartridge block, solid pillow blocks

Tough Operating Conditions

Pulp and Paper manufacturing processes require pillow block bearing housings, seals, and accessories that must withstand the most difficult conditions. Equipment used to produce pulp, paper, and paperboard is exposed to a wide range of temperature and humidity conditions, contaminants, and a variety of torque and loading situations.  

Standard Miether has been a key supplier to the pulp and paper industry for many years, with custom bearing housing designs, bearing sealing configurations, and bearing assemblies designed specifically for use in the woodyard, chemical and mechanical pulp mill, and in the forming, pressing, and drying sections of today’s wide, high-speed paper machines, as well as calendering and converting operations. Miether’s custom bearing products and assemblies are designed and built to meet these highly demanding conditions, with special emphasis on improving productivity, reducing maintenance downtime, maintaining the highest degree of safety, lowering costs, and sustaining the environment. By design, our products help:


  • Material weight/mass content allows for extended life cycles
  • SAF series “Flat Top” design with screwdriver pry slots to assist with cap removal
  • Solid reinforced rib designed pillow block housings to protect against impact and radial loads
  • Compact design to accommodate reduced footprint dimensions
  • Sealing technologies that retain lubricant internal to the bearing assembly and exclude foreign debris from entering the housing


  • Special “safety colors” available to identify rotational moving equipment
  • Sealing technology to manage excessive lubricant on adjacent working surfaces


  • Contact and Non- contact seals that keep contaminants from prematurely damaging bearing assemblies and shafts while reducing  lubricant usage
  • Compatible industry interchangeability standards using a common nomenclature for mounting and shaft center heights
  • Designs to minimize radial and shock loading situations


  • Repair program
    • Significant cost reduction
    • Extends bearing housing life
    • Reduced lead times vs. new
    • Ability to make changes/upgrades to enhance life cycle

Extreme Applications Require Extreme Solutions


Wood Preparation:bearing housings, split cap housings, flanged cartridge block, solid pillow blocks

In the woodyard of today’s integrated pulp and paper mills, roundwood is processed into chips for cooking in the pulp mill digesters or processing in mechanical refiners. Large-scale sawing and debarking of logs followed by extensive chipping, storage, and retrieval operations is a highly physical, energy intensive process that places extreme loads and performance demands on the entire fiber processing line. Miether bearing housings, seals, and accessories can withstand these difficult operating conditions that include high temperatures, excessive moisture, heavy fines buildups, dirt, and a large array of other contaminants.   

Chemical and Mechanical Pulping:

The chemical pulp mill is an especially corrosive, extreme environment, from high-pressure caustic cooking in batch or continuous digesters through washing, screening, chemical bleaching, and refining of the fiber stream ahead of the paper machine. Mechanical refiners and large, high-hp grinder types of mechanical pulping create a unique set of loading and rotational speed conditions that require special design and construction considerations.

Because both chemical and mechanical pulp mill equipment is continuously exposed to severe loading, vibration, and shock conditions, Standard Miether products are a natural choice for these applications. While designing our products to meet challenges specific to the pulp mill, Miether also understands that maximum, dependable uptime is absolutely essential in this critical process arena.  From every pulp mill perspective, our products deliver.


Paper Machine Foming and Press Sections:

The paper machine wet end poses a unique set of challenges for bearing products with its excessive humidity, high rotational speeds, and mix of chemical additives in the forming section. In the forming press section, high nip loadings place exceptional stress on roll bearings and housings. Under these extreme conditions, Standard Miether products are a natural choice.


Drying and Calendering:

Large, condensate-burdened drums in the paper machine dryer section are particularly challenging for bearings structures, seals, and assemblies. Averaging six feet or more in diameter, these drums run at full paper machine speeds of several thousand feet per minute, at the same time pulling complicated dryer fabric runs and the still-moist paper web through a configuration of 30 – 60 dryers in several separate sections. The extreme heat, humidity, speed, and load conditions of the dryer section expose critical rotational elements to conditions unlike any others along the paper machine. Miether has been designing bearing products for this demanding application for decades and can provide the ideal solution for any dryer section layout.



  • Heavy duty SAF, SAFS, SDAF and SDAFS pillow block housings, as well as solid MMW™ pillow block housings  with sizes ranging from 3” to 20+” shaft diameters are able to withstand loading, humidity, temperature, vibration and shock conditions, protect bearings, and maximize uptime.
  • Seal designs for extended life cycles, including traditional labyrinth (LER), O-ring contact (LER-O-ring), V-ring, double lip, triple lip, traditional taconite, special taconite triple seal designs, and Miether’s  patent pending Non- contact Protector® seals.
  • Adapter assemblies that simplify installation. Adapter assemblies are available in inch and metric sizes, as well as in mechanical and hydraulic fitted designs.



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