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Bearing Housings for the Heavy Movable Structures Industry

Reliability, Cost Savings, and Experience.

For over four decades Miether’s bearing products have been widely used in the heavy movable structures Industry because their exceptional quality and reliability actually improves operational performance. Our experience with heavy moveable structure customers means we have the technical expertise to develop solutions for the most demanding applications.     

Life Cycle Considerations in Extreme Operation Conditions

Thanks to durable construction and reliable performance, Standard Miether has become the choice of engineers, facility managers, and owners nationwide. Our bearing housings and accessories are proven to perform reliably over extended periods of time, even in the most extreme environmental conditions. Benefits include:


  • Engineered designs to meet special and specific requirements
  • Advanced sealing technology that retains lubricant to the bearing assembly and excludes foreign debris
  • Improved corrosion resistance  using NACE/SSPC specifications and coating materials


  • Special “safety colors” available to identify rotational moving equipment
  • Sealing technology manages excessive lubricant
  • Options for incorporating condition monitoring systems


  • Seal designs that minimize lubrication concerns
  • Options for manual or automated lubrication systems
  • Shrouds and covers to minimize shaft and bearing exposure to the environment

Standard Miether can also design and manufacture a wide variety of specialty bearing housings, seals, and accessories to help you achieve your specific requirements in these unique applications.


  bearing housings, split cap housings, solid pillow blocks, flange cartridge blocks, bearing seals, bearing accessories


  bearing housings, split cap housings, solid pillow block housings, flange cartridge housings, bearing seals, bearing accessories

Challenging Applications Require Serious Solutions.


  • Standard Miether bearing housings, seals, and accessories are ideal for rack and pinion drive line components.
  • Steel pillow block and solid steel MMW bearing housings are used in gearbox designs for main drive assemblies
  • Trunnion applications for Bascule bridge designs use our custom steel split pillow block housings
  • Counter weight sheave/deck systems for vertical lift bridge projects using large heavy duty and bronze sleeved designs 


  • Split pillow block housings using SAFS, SDAFS designs and solid MMW-style housings for with sizes ranging from 3” to 30” shaft diameters able to withstand extreme loading conditions and a variety of rotational speed considerations
  • Special and custom designs to meet a variety of unique application requirements
  • Accelerated delivery options to eliminate timely construction delays and project management issues
  • Engineering expertise, including 3D modeling and analysis
  • Cast steel construction materials utilizing ASTM A27 grade 70-36
  • A variety of available sealing arrangements, from traditional labyrinth and friction configurations to enhanced triple lip oil seals, special taconite triple seal, and shaft sleeve & piston designs



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