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Bearing Housings for the Energy Industry

Power Generation: Coal Fired Power Plants

Standard Miether has been serving the Power Generation Industry for over five decades with durable, reliable, high quality products that extend bearing life. We are committed to understanding your industry processes and will utilize our technical expertise to develop solutions to meet the most demanding requirements.

  split cap housings, solid pillow blocks, flange cartridge blocks, bearing housings


  bearing housings, split cap housings, solid pillow blocks, flange cartridge blocks.

Challenging Operating Conditions

Coal fired steam power plants face a multitude of challenges that can adversely affect their ability to maintain a profit, including efficiency, reliability, safety, and environmental standards. The power plant has many critical operations that are exposed to harsh conditions with the potential to reduce bearing performance and overall bearing life which drives up operating costs.

Meither’s standard and custom bearing housings, sealing configurations, and bearing assemblies provide fundamental solutions that improve productivity, reduce maintenance down time, enhance safety, and lower production costs. Our products help:


  • Material weight/mass content allows for extended life cycles
  • SAF series “Flat Top” pillow block design with screwdriver pry slots to assist with cap removal
  • Compact MMW™ solid pillow block design to accommodate reduced footprint dimensions
  • Comprehensive  sealing technologies that retain lubricant internal to the bearing assembly and exclude foreign debris from entering the housing


  • Special “safety colors” available to identify rotational moving equipment
  • Sealing technology to manage excessive lubricant on adjacent working surfaces


  • Advanced sealing technology keeps contaminants from prematurely damaging bearing assemblies and shafts while reducing  lubricant usage
  • Compatible industry interchangeability standards using a common nomenclature for mounting and shaft center heights
  • Designs to minimize specific radial and shock loading situations

24/7/365 Applications and Solutions


Material Handling: Conveyors, Coal feeders, Stackers and Loaders:

These systems are used for moving the coal throughout the plant and are subject to severe dust and coal contamination, varying load conditions, climate conditions. Miether has the bearing housings, seals and accessories to stand up to these challenging operational conditions.

Crushers:split cap housing, bearing housings, flange cartridge blocks, solid pillow blocks

Though crushing methods vary, Standard Miether bearing housings continue to maintain system integrity by providing robust support for bearings and shafts exposed to extreme conditions.


Pulverizers are subject to heavy loads, varied climate conditions, and contamination. Standard Miether bearing housings and bearing seals help reduce maintenance and improve productivity.

Fans and air control:

Fan designs and systems are subject to a wide variety of operational conditions. Standard Miether bearing housings and bearing seals help sustain high levels of productivity while reducing maintenance downtime.


  • Rugged SAF and heavy duty SDAF pillow block housings with sizes ranging from 3” to 20+” shaft diameters as well as FCL and FCS piloted flange designs ranging from 3” to 12”
  •  Contact and Non-contact seal designs for extended life cycles. Traditional labyrinth (LER), O-ring contact (LER-O-ring), split labyrinth (Split LER),  V-ring, double lip, triple lip, traditional taconite, special taconite triple seal designs, and patent pending Protector® seals
  • Adapter assemblies and removal sleeves are available in inch and metric sizes, and are offered with hydraulic removal capabilities
  • Heavy duty solid steel MMW™ pillow blocks sizes ranging from  3” to 20”


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